Climate change stands as one of the greatest threats to our roadways, homes, and communities in the Florida Keys. It also stands to undermine the local, state, and federal efforts to restore the Everglades and save Florida Bay.

A restored and healthy Everglades can also serve as one of the greatest natural solutions to stave off the impacts of climate change. Mangroves help stabilize shorelines and protect our Florida Keys homes from storm surge and the vast seagrass beds of Florida Bay help to to capture carbon.

That’s why Florida Bay Forever has been busy writing letters and lending our voice for policy and projects that center on climate change and resiliency in Monroe County. Everglades restoration can be hindered by climate change, or it can an asset in how we adapt and mitigate its effects. Check out the work we have been doing and supporting to bring Florida Bay and the Everglades into the climate conversation below: