Your Guide to Summer Fun on Florida Bay

by | Jun 28, 2021

Florida Keys residents are blessed to live in a subtropical climate 365 days a year. While we do not see the typical transitions in the seasons, summer marks the beginning of the wet season and a whole new world out on Florida Bay. Here are some tips on how to enjoy the changing of the seasons in the Everglades:


  1. Bring Your Rain Jacket: It’s that time of year again! After a dry start, the rains are here and Florida Bay is receiving some much needed hydration. That also means that you need to keep your rain gear close by for any outdoor adventures. Storms pop-up, seemingly out of nowhere, so be prepared for whatever the wet season might have for you.

  2. And Bug Spray Too: With the rains and standing water, it is also the season of the mosquito. If you are headed into Everglades National Park, the bugs will be waiting for your blood donation. So, be prepared. Purchase a mosquito jacket and repellent to protect yourself from a pesky day in the Everglades.

  3. Get Digital in the Everglades: Did you know that the National Park Service has an app? It has all the information you need about trails, closures, access, tours, and more in the Everglades. Download it today and stay informed. Even more? Make sure you have your park pass. Buy your annual Everglades our National Park pass online to make your trip into the park seamless by land or by sea.

  4. Enjoy the Everglades by Land or by Sea: The summer months are the ‘off’ season in Everglades National Park. Visitor centers and trails that are overflowing with traffic in the winter months are relatively empty. While there are more mosquitoes, there are less bodies, which can make your experience more enjoyable. Perhaps now is the time to book your ranger guided tour with the family!

  5. Get Hydrated & Stay Protected: Temperatures are rising and UV ratings are high. It is always a good idea to pack extra water and make sure you have your SPF 50 stowed away to protect yourself from the heat and sun during the summer months on Florida Bay.

  6. Enjoy Florida Bay from Cover to Cover: You know us, we always think that experiencing Florida Bay first hand is one of the best ways to be a better steward for the resource. However, we need a break from the summer heat sometimes too. Or, at least a good beach read! Make a trip to your local library and check out the Florida section to explore Florida Bay in a whole new way. Might we suggest checking out ‘Moving Water: The Everglades and Big Sugar’ for a riveting summer read?

  7. Double-Down on Your Commitment to Florida Bay: 60+ inches of rain keeping you inside? Take the time to reflect on why you love Florida Bay and commit to taking one small action for Florida Bay this summer. Whether it is a phone call to your legislator, an email to the South Florida Water Management District, or a membership with Florida Bay Forever, you can make a difference for our estuary home!