Florida Bay Project 2020 Grant

Harnessing the Brilliance of Youth

For the second year, Florida Bay Forever Save Our Water will offer a grant opportunity to Monroe County teachers and youth to help send a message about the value of preserving the Florida Bay.

Youth have the power to make change through exploration and inquiry. Smart stakeholders and strong environmental stewards can build the case for preservation through a broad understanding of the role a resource plays in the environmental, cultural, and economic heritage of a community.

The Florida Bay Project 2020 will document the rich history of the Florida Bay through the oral recollections of local citizens who use and value the resource. Oral history can be used as an effective tool for community-driven engagement and movement building in social and environmental justice movements. This exploration will celebrate the resource and at the same time, shed light on the changes which have been wrought on the vitality of the ecosystem, the fishery, and the community.

We look forward to connecting kids and locals to talk about what the Bay means to us all!

If you know a Monroe County teacher who might like to apply for this grant, send them a link to the application.