Week in Review: New Budget and an Almost Green Governor

The Work is Never Done

Governor Passes Budget: Ron DeSantis signed an almost $90 billion Florida budget, earmarking about $417 million for Everglades restoration. This bodes well for restoration giving:

  • $107 million for the Everglades Agricultural Area and STAs

  • $25 million for a blue- green algae task force

  • $4.2 million for red tide research

  • $40 million to raise Tamiami Trail

DeSantis Feels the Heat for HB7103: And he should be feeling the heat over this bill since it stymies the public from participating in challenging cities’ comprehensive plans. According to Victoria Tschinkel, chair of 1000 Friends, “as amended, HB 7103 would force citizens challenging comprehensive plan amendments to fight in an expedited proceeding, denying them the benefit of a full hearing. Even worse, it would make the losing party in these challenges pay the prevailing party’s attorney fees.”

Sea Level Rise and Everglades Restoration: This fascinating read outlines the reality of saltwater intrusion in to the precious River of Grass.

Federal Monies in Question: At the Federal level, the House passed H.R. 2740 which includes a desperately needed $200 million for Everglades spending. But this bill needs Senate approval and it is anything but assured to pass.

Key Lime Festival: Having nothing to do with Everglades or the Florida Bay, but everything to do with what is awesome about the Florida Keys - head down to the Key Lime Festival this July 4-7!