Florida Bay Forever Joins Everglades Coalition

An Honor

Florida Bay Forever had the privilege of being invited to join the Everglades Coalition. Made up of over 60 local, state, and federal conservation groups, the group is dedicated to the full restoration of the Greater Everglades Ecosystem.

“The Coalition works in the public arena to inform decision makers on the collective view of the conservation community regarding the greater Everglades ecosystem. Some of the tools used by the Coalition include policy papers, comparisons of proposed policy decisions focused on sound science, and public comments on critical aspects of restoration. “

Annual Conference

The Coalition holds an Annual Conference that draws participants from around the country to educate and help folks learn to advocate for a healthier ecosystem. Panels of experts, activists, political figures, and citizens come together to discuss and learn about Restoration and how each of us can be a part of the process.


It is instructive to keep an eye on the Coalition’s Position Papers. They are dedicated to thoughtful and careful consideration of the issues and take in to consideration the wide ranging opinions of their members prior to publishing.

Florida Bay Forever will benefit from the wealth of experience of this capable group.