Are Kids the Key to Advocacy?

Every Drop Counts!

Shortly after kids enter kindergarten, they come home demanding the water be turned off for fear we ruin the planet. Somewhere along the lines of curriculum development, someone or some entity brilliantly installed the idea that if we could get our youngest citizens to spread the “good news,” about saving water, the planet would be a better place.

And the world is a better place. Idealistic youth are quick to insist we fix the dripping faucets, notice just how many gallons of water it takes to fill the tub, and complain when we let the water run to get hot. Wasting water becomes a household conversation. Mom, Dad, and the whole gang get in on “humoring” the tyke, all the while - making every drop count. The adults in the room have been called out to, “do the right thing” by 6 year olds.

The Florida Bay Kids

Can this work for the Florida Bay? Can we raise generations of kids who know and understand that their backyard is the Florida Bay. Can we help them understand that the Bay is a managed resource? And one that is legislated by elected officials? Can we help them understand that they (and their parents!) have a voice and a say in how our water is legislated? If we can do this for water conservation, we can definitely do this to preserve the economic driver of the Florida Keys.

Florida Bay Forever is proud to be working on increasing the fluency our kids hold. We are proud to be part of the solution.