An Unprecedented Two Weeks

No Time to Waste
Newly elected Governor Ron DeSantis raced in to office like a man on fire. He wasted no time laying out an environmental agenda unprecedented in the state of Florida. He appears to understand that Florida relies on healthy coastlines to drive the economy. He seems to realize toxic algae, dead marine life, and deserted beaches have no place in vacation photos!

Nothing Less Than a Chief Science Officer 
His vision for a brand new day includes items most folks have been only dreaming of. His agenda includes:

  • Expediting the EAA reservoir

  • Banning offshore drilling

  • Banning fracking

  • Increasing water monitoring

  • Creating "green infrastructure"

  • And last but not least, creating the position of a Chief Science Officer

Giving the Boot to the Board
If this weren't enough, DeSantis asked for the resignation of all of the SFWMD Board of Directors. South Floridians were stunned by this poignantly logical request. The Rick Scott-appointed South Florida Water Management District Board has blocked Everglades Restoration progress at every opportunity, with an absurd smugness and self-righteousness that has baffled even the most forgiving and optimistic environmentalists.

Give This Man a Hand
We hope DeSantis will sustain this environmental enthusiasm through his entire term. Experience says he will need citizen support along the way to fend off opponents of such a progressive environmental agenda. We urge you to call his office (850-488-7146) today to give a nod of support for what could be an exciting new era for the entire state.