Ringing in the New Year


Here’s to a year of digging in and continuing to chip away at Everglades Restoration. On the receiving end of disastrous water management, the Florida Bay remains at the mercy of policymakers and their ideas for how best to get more water to our backyard.

There is no question the SFWMD (South Florida Water Management District) must be re-imagined. Floridians watched in disbelief as the governing board pulled an end of year shenanigan when they decided to initiate a sugar lease on land intended for EAA reservoir use. It is hard to imagine a more calculated move when it comes to sabotaging Restoration progress. And yet, the District and the Board defended it’s actions as just, above board, and following the intent of the law.

As community advocates, let’s not allow this to continue. The new governor has got to hear from constituents to the effect that behavior by a board of Rick Scott appointed members, has got to change.

We suggest replacing the current SFWMD board members who haven’t been confirmed and asking for resignation for those that have. We suggest vetting a new slate who have credentials in management, a grasp of the long history of Restoration, and an unbiased approach to their position. We would also propose that a Monroe County resident hold a seat and have a say on this governing board.

Florida Bay Forever will work to this end.