SFWMD Governing Board On the Way Out

When Leaders Lead

In a bold move, Governor Ron DeSantis asked the entire South Florida Water Management District Governing Board to resign. The environmental community gave him a standing ovation for finally taking the reigns of a board “gone rogue.” His request indicates an understanding of the power held by the Governing Board and in turn the South Florida Water Management District. His request also acknowledges to the entire state that he recognizes the misaligned motives and interests that have been motivating this board for years.

Scott’s Last Say

Days before Rick Scott left office, the Governing Board put their seal of approval on a lease agreement with New Hope Sugar which allowed them to benefit from an 8-year lease agreement on property reserved for the EAA Reservoir.

Board members insisted they did nothing covert, insidious or at all questionable in this last minute move. The pubic and anyone paying attention observed otherwise. Of course, this is only the latest in a history of poor performance by the SFWMD in protecting and preserving Florida’s greatest treasure.

Three Resignations

So far, Daniel O’Keefe, the Board Chair, Carlos Diaz, and Melanie Peterson have agreed to step down. We call for the remainder of the Board to do the same.