It's Primary Time

It's All Politics

Green algae, red tide, dead seagrass, and algae blooms are a direct consequence of how our water is managed.  Our elected officials hold immense responsibility for the future of Floridians. 

The primaries are upon us. Let's get out the vote. Florida Bay Forever Save Our Water weighs in on best picks, or in some cases, the lesser of evils in the primaries.

Democratic Primary

Representative in Congress - Debbie Mucarsel-Powell       Mucarsel-Powell makes a second attempt against Curbelo. She presents herself as a viable candidate with a strong grasp of the issues and a promising commitment to the environment. 

Governor - Gwen Graham          Graham distinguishes herself as a candidate seemingly guided by a moral compass.  She appears to be least influenced by special interests and is a strong contender against the Republican candidate. 

Commissioner of Agriculture - Roy David Walker     As an environmental scientist and president of the South Florida Audubon Society he is poised to run this office with a grasp on science and a hand on the pulse of conservation issues. His position as a political outsider is a feather in his cap.

Republican Primary

United States Senator -      Rocky De La Fuente takes on Rick Scott in this race. We suggest casting a vote to De La Fuente if only to keep Scott from wreaking move havoc on our coastal economy if he is able to win this senatorial seat. 

Representative in Congress District 26 -      Carlos Curbelo is our left leaning choice for this seat. He has demonstrated skill in bringing both Democrats and Republicans to the table to make progress toward climate solutions. He is an advocate for Everglades Restoration.

Governor and Lt Governor -    There isn't a single candidate on this slate whom we can support. Frontrunners Adam Putnam and Ron DeSantis do not prioritize the environment, clean water, or the coastal economy. Adam Putnam has been working as a shill for Big Sugar for years and is the only gubernatorial candidate still accepting their donations. De Santis has been strongly endorsed by Trump suggesting future alliance with the current administration's attempt to dismantle the foundation of our nation's environmental protections. 

Commissioner for Agriculture - Denise Grimsley is the better choice for this seat. She faces her stongest opponent in Matt Caldwell. Caldwell was a star villain in the EAA drama, as he quietly pulled strings to morph SB10 into an unrecognizable bill. Conservationists fear his return to a governing position.  

County Commissioner, District 2 - Michelle Coldiron Coldiron makes the grade for consistent service and her ability to understand the issues. She is a supporter of Everglades Restoration and understand the value to the Keys economy.


Article submitted by Florida Bay Forever Save Our Waters a 501c4.