A Toxic Stew

Another Lost Summer

Green algae is in full bloom in the St. Lucie and Caloosahatchee estuaries. Polluting the coastlines, the canals, the shorelines and the estuaries, the toxic sludge is here to stay. Our neighbors to the north are suffering under the casualty of years of poor water management. 

Property values have plummeted, and as the nation is made aware of the disaster, a palpable economic fall-out is right around the corner. 

Headlines Say It All

The news headlines say it all when it comes to detailing the catastrophe of Lake O discharges:

Toxic Algae Part of Life in Towns Surrounding Lake Okeechobee: Despite the rhetoric, the issues affect even those who live near the Lake. Residents are certain their issues stem from runoff coming from the north. 

Blue Green Algae in St. Lucie River Sending People To Emergency Rooms:  Nausea, rash, watering eyes and difficult breathing are bringing people to the hospitals. Medical personnel aren't blinking an eye when they ask, "Have you been in contact with the river?"

Health Risks of Blue-Green Algae Unknown: It is no comfort to wonder what the long-term effects of the muck are having on the residents who are forced to be in contact with the toxic water and air.

Florida Sportsman Temporarily Closes Stuart Office:  Blair Wickstrom decided to close his Stuart office due to the illness spreading in his office. Irony is not lost on this as Wickstrom is a staunch advocate of Everglades Restoration.

Elections Around the Corner

With elections around the corner, every candidate gets their chance to make promises to deal with the bloom. Stay tuned for the elaborate game of pass the blame and promise to fix quick in the weeks and months to come.