The Florida Bay Project

Growing Stewardship

Since it's inception, Florida Bay Forever has asked, "How can we help strengthen our community in terms of environmental stewardship?" We have made presentations, given boat rides, printed booklets, posted stories, hosted politicians - all in the name of increasing awareness of the challenges facing Florida Bay and the Everglades National Park. 

We Want More

And yet, we want more. We want more people to be aware of how a degraded estuary affects us all. We want more people to easily pick up the phone and speak to their policymakers. We want more folks to "own" our backyard issues!

Harnessing New Voices

The Florida Bay Project aims to harness new voices to advocate for the Florida Bay. Through the Florida Bay Project, Florida Bay Forever will offer Monroe County teachers grant money to inspire their kids to create a Florida Bay Action Campaign to educate community stakeholders. We hope to bring the freshness of youth to the confounding problem of talking about an ongoing environmental issue in a creative and innovative manner. 

The Future of the Keys

Our kids will inherit the environmental problems of today and they need to be prepared with the knowledge to address them.  They need to  understand the environmental issue facing the Florida Keys and they must feel at home understanding how the policy that governs our natural resources is created. 

We hope the Florida Bay Project will be a sign of good things to come.