D.C. Here We Come!

Lobby Days

The Everglades Summit took place last week in Washington DC. The event, hosted by the Everglades Foundation, gathered an army of stakeholders to make the case for funding the EAA Reservoir and CERP.

Steve in DC.jpg

Captains (from left to right) Benny Blanco, Bob Branham, Steve Friedman, and Dan Decible were only a handful who made the trek north, exiting their normal lives to take on the challenge of moving Congressmen and Congresswomen to realize the importance of Everglades Restoration for the entire state of Florida.

With the passage of SB10 in April 2017, the South Florida Water Managment District spent a frenzied few months modelling a reservoir that would comply with SB10. Ignoring concerns raised by some environmental groups about the efficacy of the final model, it was approved by Rick Scott to move on to be reviewed by the Army Corps of Engineers. 

If the Army Corp approves the design, the plan will be submitted to WRDA (the Water Resources Development Act). Thereafter, Congress has authority to appropriate funds for WRDA projects. 

Monroe County should be proud of the advocates who made their case in DC.