Earth Day Every Day

What Would Earth Day Every Day Look Like? 

What would it look like if Earth Day was celebrated every day? It would take a total reset in how we approach our every action.


What personal choices would we change? Would we incorporate more meatless Mondays? Would we turn off the lights more quickly to save electricity? Would we take reusable bags to the grocery? Fix the dripping faucets? Use fewer straws?  

Maybe we would ramp up our personal efforts and bike to work, compost, or even stop spraying our lawns with weed killer. The list is long for how we could make small changes to participate in this paradigm shift of thinking about Earth Day Every Day.


What would we do on a community level? Could we agree on moving forward on environmentally friendly initiatives? Would plastic bags go by the wayside? Would revamping the town recycling program help? Could we install environmental stewardship as a pillar of our school curriculum? Could we organize coastal clean ups? Could our town council's take a step back and hammer in on what it means to an island chain when sea level threatens?


What if we elected politicians who are truly dedicated, in word and deed,  to preserving our coastal communities - if for nothing less than for the dollars clean coastlines generate for the state coffers. What if our policymakers worried about policy instead of getting reelected? What if we culled the rules that put our waterways, our oceans, our drinking water at risk? 

Is it Worth the Effort?

Unequivocally, it is worth the effort to think about how each of us can make Earth Day Every Day.