What's Next ?

The South Florida Water Management District finalized and filed it's plan for the EAA Reservoir. The whopping 333 page report details a project that promises to relieve discharges to the St. Lucie and Caloosahatchee estuaries and bring more water to the Florida Bay. 

The Army Corps now has an opportunity to review the plan and by October 1 will send an approved copy on to be incorporated into the water resources development act (WRDA).  

WRDA authorizes various water related projects relating to navigation, flood control, recreation and emergency management and water supply to be approved by Congress.  WRDA authorizes projects to be approved for Congress to appropriate funds for the authorized projects. WRDA is addressed every two years and 2018 allows for a review of projects.

WRDA authorized projects are cost-shared by non federal sponsors. So in this case, Florida will be responsible for a portion of the reservoir project. BUT, it is relying on federal monies to even get out of the gate. 

Three hurdles exist. Army Corp approval, WRDA approval and Congressional approval.