Is Something Better than Nothing?

Reflecting on the recent approval of the EAA Reservoir, forces you to ask the question, "Is something better than nothing?"

The approved reservoir model is so far from the original proposal, it's almost unrecognizable. What was originally envisioned as a shallow water reservoir with ample STAs to clean water before sending it south, has morphed in to a project confined to a tiny patch of  state-owned land which  results in modelling that dictates deep water storage with a diminished STA option.

Does the DEP Pledge Mean Anything? 

The DEP recently  published a statement pledging to make sure clean water will flow to the Everglades National Park from the EAA Reservoir.  And while this is well and good there isn't any specific language or details that clarify their methods of cleaning the water before sending it south. 

This "pledge" allows us to call the EAA Reservoir approval a "win" but makes us very uneasy about the reality of a clean water flow. It requires us all to be vigilant in monitoring the progress of the reservoir over the course of the next many years as it moves through the required hoops to get funded, designed and shovel ready.