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An Independent Review 

The Everglades Foundation published an independent review of the EAA Reservoir last week.

An Analysis of the Proposed EAA Reservoir Options

The most alarming part of the report for those of us focusing on the Florida Bay, is the analysis of whether the water that will be sent south will be clean enough to meet the Water Quality Based Effluent Limit (WQBEL) before entering the Park.  The Foundation suggests that more land is needed for  treatment to clean the water sufficiently. And we know that more land is an unlikely scenario. 

Sugar Pays for Clean Up?

This novel idea comes from Mark Perry, director of the Florida Oceanographic Society.

Make Agriculture Clean Water On its Own Land South of Lake Okeechobee

And yet how novel is it? Why should tax payers be footing the bill to clean polluted ag water?

Set Up for Failure?

The Naples Daily News Editorial Board questions whether the current path to completing the EAA Reservoir  is setting us up for failure. 

Don't Set Up Everglades Reservoir for Failure

Their question is valid. Should we settle for a project that promises only meager benefits?