Is this a Done Deal?

The SFWMD Makes a Recommendation

A preferred alternative is now on the books after last week's meeting at the SFWMD. On track with their advanced timeline, the District ran their models, made their presentations, and landed on their 'best choice.'

The District prefers:

  • 23 foot deep reservoir
  • with a capacity of 240,000 acre feet of storage
  • built on 10,000 acres of state owned land
  • providing 6,500 acres of treatment
  • costing $1.34 billion dollars

The Concern

The main concern, voiced by almost every environmental group in the state is that it's not good enough, and specifically, that there is not enough treatment area for water to be treated before heading to the Florida Bay. The argument is that with more land, this reservoir could be far more effective at achieving the overall goal of reducing Lake Okeechobee discharges as well as increasing the southerly flow to the Florida Bay. 

The Controversy

We would like to think that the SFWMD is truly looking at all options and have explored all solutions to get to the bottom of this problem. And yet, this is not the case. The Everglades Foundation has been working diligently on their own modeling and has offered another case scenario that looks like this: 

  • 14 foot deep reservoir
  • with a capacity of 300,000 acre feet of storage
  • built on 30,000 acres of land 
  • providing 13,000 acres of treatment area

A Better Solution? 

A better solution seems to exist - though not without some hard negotiating for more land. And this is where only our Governor can make the difference. Call Governor Scott today at (850) 488-7146. Tell him to direct the SFWMD to rethink the modelling process for the betterment of the entire state.