DeSantis at the Helm

Ron DeSantis will takes the helm in 2019 and the jury is still out on whether or not he will come through on campaign promises about his concern for the environment.

He has created a transition Advisory Committee on the Environment, Natural Resources & Agriculture and has populated it with 40 people who bring a mixed bag of expertise to the positions. Among allies in the Everglades Restoration fight are folks such as Erik Eikenberg with the Everglades Foundation, Rick Bergeron, a longtime champion of the environment and former FFWC commission member.

U.S. Representative Brian Mast chairs the committee and has a solid history of standing up for Congressional District 18 as the representative of an area dramatically affected by the Lake Okeechobee discharges.

Track Record

DeSantis comes to his new job with an undeniably poor track record when it comes to the environment. His membership in the House Freedom Caucus, a far right faction of the Republican party which aligns itself very closely with Trump, causes many to question how he will translate his far right lean with policy that will be good for the environment. Issues such as climate change, corporate emissions standards, and energy conservation are simply not a priority in this party.

At the Mercy of the Wait and See Game

And so Floridians across the state will wait and see what DeSantis will bring with him when he moves into the Governor’s mansion in Tallahassee. It will behoove us all to start beating the drum to send the message we demand expedited Everglades Restoration from our new governor.