Combined Operations Planning Meeting in Islamorada

Restoration Meeting to Take Place in Islamorada

This Wednesday, December 12, 2018 will give the Florida Keys community the opportunity to weigh in on Everglades Restoration. The Combined Operations Planning meeting will be held at the Islamorada Village of Islands Community Room with public comment open at 2pm.

The planning meeting brings the SFWMD, the Army Corp and the ENP together to discuss modelling to effectively move water into the Park once a number of projects come on line in the near future. As the agencies consider flood control and the needs of the agricultural and coastal communities, it is imperative to hear from those who are affected when the Florida Bay is starved of fresh water.

Find the meeting agenda at this link.

Public Comment

Public comment is generally restricted to 3 minutes, but this is enough time to make the case that for the nearly $1 billion spent on Restoration, we, as taxpayers, hope to see a return on our investment.

Helpful comments include noting how the Florida Keys community is directly impacted by a healthy Florida Bay for recreation, employment, and tourism.

The agencies need to be reminded that the Keys are as much of an economic driver to the state as any coastline and that we are relying on good management to preserve the Bay.