Negron Optimistic

Senate President Joe Negron spoke to a full house on Thursday January 4, 2017 in Stuart, FL about the SFWMD EAA Reservoir modelling process. Hosted by TCPalm and moderated by Eve Samples, the venue offered the public a chance to access Negron and get a feel for his outlook on how the process is progressing. 

Negron spearheaded SB10 and was the main player in getting the bill passed last year. He has championed the notion of sending water south to curb Lake Okeechobee discharges and replenish the Everglades and Florida Bay. 

During the gathering, he expressed optimism about the District's ability to model a reservoir that would be effective. He told the group that he would, "trust, yet verify" and that he didn't want to prejudge results from the District before they have had time to adequately compile all data. 

Negron was questioned by BullSugar about the models the District has presented so far, in that they don't appear to take in the best scope of consideration to achieve an "optimal configuration" for the reservoir. 

Senator Negron assured the attendees he had every interest in seeing the project through to the end and reiterated that the law was carefully written to instruct the District to, "look for the largest footprint possible." He also reminded everyone that the timeline has been created for the District to present their data on January 9 and then finalize the plans at the end of the month. The window will allow for input and direction from the legislation. 

When pressed about what citizens could do, he suggested we all continue to communicate with our representatives as well as our SFWMD Board Members (Melanie Peterson and Brandon Tucker) about our concerns. 

Perhaps, with this kind of leadership, we will see some results.