See us! Hear us!


Really. Even a trained chimp could figure out the right thing to do here. Revitalizing our Floridian estuaries is vital for ensuring everyone's future prosperity in the sunshine state. But that's not stopping some FL representatives from pleading the 5th on the latest Everglades restoration effort. 


It's a bit like a broken record skipping on the same botched groove.

For decades.

Everglades restoration measures get voted into place. Progress is stagnated by red tape, and big business beats back sound science in the name of profiteering. Constituents demand action, again. New help for the 'glades eeks through. Repeat.

Case in point:  Even though restorative plans like the CERP  have been "active" for years, results are meager. And so, yet another move was made recently on the chess board of restoration.

Enter:  Senate Bill 10 and House Bill 761.


SB 10 and HB 761 are the missing links in restoring fruitful water flow through the Everglades and out to Florida Bay.  The new bills provide for the immediate acquisition of land south of Lake Okeechobee. A reservoir built on site there would clean and store water, to be sent south as needed. Perfect! Except most of the land in question is in the Everglades Agricultural Area. In other words, sugar cane farmers use it and are not willing to turn it over. It's a long story. And it looks like history is repeating itself. Our Florida representatives are not in any hurry to voice their support for these measures.


Big business grabs politicians by the pocketbook. That's a powerful tool, but as voters we have power too. Legislators don't have jobs without our votes. 

We want their support for SB 10 and HB 761. If they don't support it, we'll hold them accountable at the ballot box. Call these representatives and say, 

"I expect you to support motions to acquire land south of Lake Okeechobee. If you can't support them, I can't support your next election."


Want to really drive the message home? Jump in for a drive to Florida's capitol. In April, you can meet legislators in Tallahassee and tell them in person how they should vote to represent their constituents. Let them see our numbers. Join like-minded concerned citizens in the political pilgrimage dubbed the Now Or Neverglades Sportfishing Day. One day off the water, April 11. Click here for more information.


Share this page. Get friends and family involved. Make those calls! Just a few a day CAN make a difference. Carry on!