Road Trip to Tallahassee


Well, mainly, the people of south Florida are fed up with watching Everglades restoration be detained and derailed by politicians and big business. We're over being patient while personal interests intercept sound science. Politicians work for us, and it's time for a meeting. Enter: the Now or Neverglades Sportfishing Day.


Tuesday, April 11, 2017. The Now or Neverglades movement is organizing transportation to Tallahassee, from several starting locations. The goal:  for our collective voices to be heard by legislators.

The message:  NOW is the time to support senator Joe Negron's initiative to build a clean water reservoir south of Lake Okeechobee, to treat and store clean water, and send it south through the Everglades to Florida Bay.


From a comfortable base camp at the Edison Restaurant in Cascade Park in Tallahassee, meetings will be set up with legislators. Senate Bill 10 has been introduced to push this movement forward. But support from voting legislators is essential to getting it off the ground. Your voice - your presence in Tallahasse is essential to showing those legislators what the people want, and how they should vote to accurately speak for the public they represent.


Sign up and show up. For more details on how to join the pilgrimage, visit eventbrite, the coordinating website.


YOU! Captains, anglers, realtors, hospitality professionals, snowbirds - anyone who enjoys the Keys Life should get on the bus. One day off the water, in Tallahassee, could ensure the passage of legislation which will help preserve and heal the Everglades and Florida Bay. Share this page by clicking the "share" link below. Forward this page to others. Thank you!