Everglades Restoration won a small victory on Tuesday. But the battle is hardly over. We need you on the front lines - but you don't even have to leave your home! Just make a few phone calls.


Senate Bill 10 (SB 10) passed unanimously when the Committee on Environmental Preservation and Conservation voted in Tallahassee on Tuesday. It's companion bill, House Bill 761 (HB 761) was filed in response to SB 10's passing. The bills call for acquisition of land south of Lake Okeechobee, for the storage and treatment of clean water before sending the water south.

(Whether storage north or south of the lake is best continues to meet with debate. But the overwhelming majority of independent scientific research - not mired in financial or political influence - supports storage south. It stands to provide the greatest overall benefit in management of lake levels, reducing lake discharges which harm surrounding estuaries, and increasing freshwater flows to restorative levels in the Everglades and Florida Bay.) 

SB 10 and HB 761 are vital steps towards restoring the health of south Florida waters. Many hurdles remain. Voting legislators need to hear that YOU are in favor of these actions - and that you expect them to vote in their favor.


Currently, the Appropriations Subcommittee on the Environment and Natural Resources is reviewing these measures. In the near future, these bills will have higher hurdles to clear. And they stand to be reimagined and reworded as they navigate through the route to final passage. The time is now to give them momentum. Speak up for your support of their current incarnation.

  • Call Anitere Flores. Tell her, "I support SB 10 as written, and expect your support as well."
  • Call Holly Raschen. Tell her, "I support HB 761 as written, and expect your support as well."
  • Call the Governor, State Senators, and Congressman. Tell them, "I'm watching these bills and support them as written, and expect your support as well."

Bookmark or screen shot this page. Keep these numbers handy. It's good to call once. It's even better if you call once a week.


Because CALLS MATTER. History was made earlier this week in our Nation's capitol. For the first time, a vice-president's vote was required to break a 50-50 Congressional deadlock over the confirmation of a Cabinet nominee. Why? Prior to the vote, representatives' offices were "flooded with calls" on the matter, (as reported nationally by a White House correspondent). Republican party lines were broken, based in part on the influence of public opinion. Calls matter. Make yours today! And remember to share this info by clicking the link "share" below, or e-mail it to a friend. Thank you!