Everything You Ever Wanted to Know and More

Everglades Restoration is complicated.  Between the politics and the actual projects, it's hard to keep track of what progress is being made and who is in charge of making the decisions.

The Office of Everglades Restoration Initiative, in partnership with the SFWMD (South Florida Water Management District), the NPS (National Park Service), and the Army Corp of Engineers has made an attempt to be transparent and communicative through their website. 

The website www.EvergladesRestoration.gov has accumulated a mass of information for anyone wanting to bone up on the details of Restoration. 

They offer a host of information: 

Meetings: Follow this link to keep track of meetings for public input

Brief CERP Explanation: A one-pager giving an overview of what CERP is and what it will accomplish.

CERP in Detail: Do you want the whole enchilada? Find the 4034 page document here. 

Maps and Data: See how these details come together in map form.

Integrated Delivery Schedule: Study this list of all 68 CERP projects and where they sit on the delivery timeline.

Running the Show: Discover who is making the decisions. 

Head on over to the site to get the low-down on Restoration.