Beyond the "LIKE" - Florida Bay Forever Speak Up Campaign 2017

The time has come to go Beyond the "LIKE".

Social media has rocked the issue of Everglades Restoration in to the forefront of a whole load of South Floridians. Pictures of dead fish, green algae, and masses of floating seagrass,  got us all fired up.

Step Aside Fluffy Bunny 

Facebook cat pics and cute bunny videos took a side seat when we shared, liked, disliked, ranted and raved as we watched millions upon millions of  gallons of water released from Lake Okeechobeee and dumped into the St. Lucie and Caloosahatchee estuaries. 

Connecting the Dots

As we watched our northern neighbors become destroyed by poor water management, we connected the dots to realize that while ALL that water was being flushed to tide -  the Florida Bay had suffered rudely during the drought of 2015 for LACK of clean fresh water.

First Steps - Sign the declaration

Enough people got riled to get together a statement of intent in the Now or Neverglades Declaration, articulating thoughtfully the scientific conclusion to relieve three estuaries of devastating water management.


30,000 People (and Counting) Signed the Now or NeverGlades Declaration in 2016

Now What?

And NOW, post election, we need to do more.

NOW - we need to get on the phone with OUR legislators and tell them we demand real action toward Everglades Restoration and that we support  incoming Senate President Joe Negron when he says we should  buy land in the EAA south of Lake Okeechobee to build a reservoir to clean and store water to send south. 

Speak up 2017

We need to speak up. 

We have inundated social media, we have signed the Now or Neverglades Declaration. 

NOW - we need to commit to communicating with our legislators. Get on board with a weekly commitment to phoning the policymakers who will determine the future of the Florida Bay. Ten minutes a week will make all the difference. 


There is no question that it is Now or Neverglades. It's time to take the next step.

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