Now Or Neverglades

"It's Now or Neverglades," sums up the urgency of Everglades Restoration. It is the concise refrain in the rallying cry heard across south Florida coming from everyone who is paying attention to how water is managed, and how water should be managed.

It's ominous in that it so accurately calls out the dire straits facing south Florida's treasured ecosystem.

The Now Or Neverglades Declaration is a collective call for more water storage south of Lake Okeechobee, and for more southern water flow. Both are essential for the survival and restoration of the Florida Bay, and the Caloosahatchee and St. Lucie estuaries.


  • Started by 200 scientists in 2015. 
  • Enhanced by a massive collaboration of environmental organizations who wanted to create ONE statement of agreement, to specifically declare the priority of buying land in the EAA to store, clean and send water south.
  • Allows for every citizen, tourist, business and interested party to weigh in on this issue easily and painlessly. 
  • A way to say, "Enough is enough!"
  • Endorsed by scores of noteworthy organizations.
  • An effective tool to prove to state, local, and federal legislators that Floridians prioritize this specific demand in the Everglades Restoration process.
  • Gaining political momentum. 

100,000 signatures by year end

Environmental organizations including Florida Bay Forever, Captains for Clean Water, Bull Sugar, Everglades Foundation, Everglades Trust, Bonefish and Tarpon Trust. . . .have committed to grow the Now or Neverglades call to action to 100,000 signatures by year end.

This Declaration is a powerful tool that will be used to alert policymakers to how urgently voters want to see this issue resolved. 

Educated voters at the polls on November 8 will help get like-minded representatives in office. After election day, Florida Bay Forever will use the Declaration's momentum to target politicians who still need more persuasion. 

Spread the word. Shed the light. The more who know, the closer we all come to restorative success.

More than 28,000 signatures have been collected to date. The goal is 100,000 by year's end.
Have you signed yet? 

Copy the link. Post "I signed!" on Facebook. Ask friends to sign and share.