Dear Ms. Darcy: NO CAN DO. Love, SFWMD

What Happened?

Less than two weeks ago, Jo-Ellen Darcy, Assistant Secretary of the Army with the US Army Corp of Engineers (what an impressive title), wrote a letter to the SFWMD urging them to advance the planning for purchasing land in the EAA.

If you haven't read it, take a second - this eloquent letter is inspiring 

Admittedly, the enviro-types were cheering in the cheap seats! A major step had been made. A real  letter had been written and delivered, from a real government agency about the problem we have all been yelling about:  Buy land in the EAA - to bring relief to three critical estuaries

Return to Sender

Dan O'Keefe. the very man who chairs the SFWMD board, essentially returned the letter unopened. Well, not exactly. He did open the letter, was obviously uncomfortable with the request Jo-Ellen laid on the table, and went to work creating a masterpiece outlining ALL the reasons the SFWMD could NOT move forward on buying EAA Land. 

Dan, Dan, Dan. Why so many words? Your letter could have been scrawled on a tiny cocktail napkin: Dear Jo-Ellen, Got your letter. No can do. Love, Dan

Teeth Gnashing? Or Letter Writing

It is time to send your letter to Rick Scott expressing YOUR displeasure, anger, rage(?), impatience with this kind of stalling. 

Use this Dear Rick Scott Template as a guide and copy and paste the letter (filling in your own personal details if you wish) into and EMAIL IT TO GOVERNOR RICK SCOTT.

Your Voice Counts! Send the Letter