Angler House Marina, On Board as Coporate Member

Angler House Marina joins Florida Bay Forever as its newest corporate member. Joining demonstrates concern for the delicate balance of the South Florida ecosystem, and a commitment to preserving the distinctive beauty of the Florida Bay. Angler House is considered the hidden gem of Islamorada, tucked off U.S.1, MM 81.5, at the south end of town. 

Marina owner Victor Ballestros and manager Ray Kooser have worked hard to turn the marina in to a destination for great fishing and top-notch events. Joining Florida Bay Forever, as they roll out their new Member's Club is great timing. They both realize the future of the marina rests in the hands of a healthy Bay, and are eager to be part of the solution toward making it that way. 

The marina has been a launch pad for a number of educational tours with local and state politicians the Monroe County Commissioners, Representative Holly Raschein, Congressmen Curbelo, Debbie Murcarsel-Powell, to name a few, have been treated to warm hospitality as they have received the low-down on what is happening in the Bay and what they can do to help fix it. 

Thank you Angler House Marina, for joining Florida Bay Forever!