To the Polls

The Politics of it All

Florida Bay will be preserved through political will. This does not make us rest easy.

Considering the state we are in after YEARS of so-called work on Everglades “Restoration,” it would be naive of us all to tolerate a “business as usual” approach during this voting cycle.

Yet, for most voters in the state of Florida and even our District, this election is not a single issue election. For the United State Senate and Congressional races, the issue of Everglades Restoration will probably not play the dominant role in the outcome of the race.

For aware citizens living in Monroe County, little else should matter. Without a thriving Florida Bay, few other issues will remain relevant.

Almost Everyone is On the Wagon

In almost all the races, the main players are touting a pro Everglades Restoration platform to varying degrees. The recent Negron proposal calling for a $2.4 billion dollar sugar land buy south of Lake Okeechobee allowed many Republicans to speak up in support of the cause and actually fall in line with voters demands. 

Rubio Stands Alone

Marco Rubio is the lone voice in the room, speaking out against buying sugar land south of Lake Okeechobee. He consistently allies himself with agriculture and seems unwilling to work toward compromise. He also still has one heck of a time admitting that climate change is real


This year, the hardest part of this election will be to hold our politicians accountable for their promises through emails, phone calls, letter writing. Our work will begin on November 9.

For aware citizens living in Monroe County, little else should matter. Without a thriving Florida Bay, few other issues will remain relevant.

Race by Race

Unites States Senator

This race will surely be between Marco Rubio (R) and Patrick Murphy (D) in the November election despite the many competitors who are facing off in the primaries. 

While both Rubio and Murphy signed on to a bi-partisan effort in 2016 requesting CEPP be included in 2016 WRDA this is one of their few similarities. Rubio can't abide prioritizing the land buy in the EAA and Murphy is making his platform all about water. This race is a no-brainer.

Representative in Congress, District 26

Carlos Curbelo (R) will run unopposed in the primaries while Joe Garcia (D) and Annette Taddeo (D) will vie for the Democratic ticket.

Curbelo has positioned himself as a leader on climate issues and has recently  come around to seeing the value in buying EAA land. He sends a strong and clear message and is willing to talk on both sides of the aisle about his views.  Garcia and Taddeo , running against each other in the primaries, are more alike than different. Both candidates have been strong advocates of smart Everglades policy and should bring strong Democratic leadership to the table.  

Florida State Senate, District 39

Anitere Flores (R) will face political newcomer Debbie Mucarsel-Powell (D). Both women are on board with buying EAA land south of the lake and appear dedicated to the cause. Flores brings experience to the table (sposoring Flroida Keys Stewardship Act, Legacy Florida, Amendment 1. . . ) , and Mucarsel-Powell brings a newcomers enthusiasm and promise to work to bring Democratic control back to the Senate. She is banking on citizen desire for leadership change to take office.

State Representative, District 20

Political newcomers Kevin Diaz (D) and Dan Horton (D) will face off to ultimately run against Holly Raschien (R).

The Florida Keys has a love affair with Rashcien, and she reciprocates. She has been a strong advocate and voice for the Keys in Tallahassee and she is all for restoring the Everglades. She hasn't been able to publicly announce that she supports prioritizing an EAA land buy but we know she wants to - she just needs our phone calls and support to make that happen. Newcomers Diaz and Horton are fresh off the farm, both counting on youth and determination to woo voters.