Fishermen, Yogis, and Realtors Attend First Annual Florida Bay Forum

The Florida Bay Forum, a collaboration between Everglades Foundation, Florida International University and Florida Bay Forever, drew a crowd of 200 awesome citizens who care about what in the heck is going on in the Florida Bay!

Seriously Engaged Citizens

Seriously Engaged Citizens

Keeping it Simple - For the Most Part

The crowd was rapt with attention to the presentations of 7 darn smart scientists who, for the most part, kept their presentations to a level that even this author could understand. 

Dr. Steve Davis, launched the event with an overview of the entire problem. This guy is a master of simplifying concepts and making sense of the endlessly complicated conversation that is Everglades Restoration. 

Drs. Chirs Kananagh, Jim Forqurean, Penny Hall, and David Rudnick supplemented the overview with the dirty details. The audience got up to speed on the 1987 die-off, why a hyper-saline and hot water combo trigger massive sea grass destruction, how the past die-off compares with today's die-off, and what research is ongoing. 

The unusually lively and delightful Bob Johnson with the National Park Service, managed to put a pretty cheery spin on Restoration. He presented an optimistic outlook and presented a clear road forward. 

He and all of the scientists recognized the need for MORE WATER to be moved to the Bay. 

The Politicians Swarmed In

The Politicians Swarmed In

Politicians Swoop In

Even Congressmen Curbelo showed up to chime in his two cents.   This guy gets a  load of credit for swooping in to acknowledge his constituents concerns. Yes, he is running for reelection, but this reformed and progressive Rebulican Congressman really did say all the right things to this smart crowd - even ending on the note that he is committed to BUYING LAND SOUTH OF LAKE O for more water storage. Now THAT is a little progress. 

Scientists Assign Work to Citizens

The Forum ended on a high note with the scientists assigning the task of getting involved, advocating, and making a stand with policymakers on what we want to happen in our Florida Bay. They made it clear, that their role was one of educating and informing without bias, but that information could be used as a powerful tool for citizens as they become engaged in this critical issue. 

Join Florida Bay Forever

Florida Bay Forever asks you to join in to make your voice heard. This group is made up of Monroe County citizens who want to preserve the Florida Bay. FBFVR advocates for buying land south of the lake in order to store and clean water that can get to the Bay. Join Today.