Gifting with a Purpose


Florida Bay Forever is working tirelessly to bring environmental healing to the Florida Bay. The journey's not over, but we're making progress getting the word out in Monroe County. As a result, a growing number of residents are getting active as advocates for bringing more clean water through the Everglades and into Florida Bay.

But guess what? We're here to help solve your holiday gift struggles, too! Give the Florida Bay Forever book to any Keys lover, and know they'll be smiling once the wrapping comes off.


Don't totally judge the book by the cover - or the title, at least. No, we didn't write it. We just love it, and what it represents. It's a refreshingly non-fishcentric love affair with life on the Florida Bay. The book is a gorgeous tribute to the waters surrounding the Florida Keys, and the conservation efforts of the non-profit group called Everglades Foundation. It, like Florida Bay Forever, is dedicated to preserving the Everglades and related estuaries. To paraphrase the book's editor, Daniel Burkhardt:

You, me and anyone who enjoys these waters - we are the beneficiaries of the work the Everglades Foundation and their partner organizations do to improve the quantity and quality of water in Florida Bay. There's a vital link between the health of the Everglades and the sustainability of the bay.

He wrote about the book, "Florida Bay Forever is an attempt to say thanks to the Everglades Foundation for the healthier, cleaner waters of Florida Bay."  We couldn't agree more.

With a foreword by Jimmy Buffett, concise but captivating history, and nearly 200 pages of nature's eye candy, it's a coffee table book that won't gather dust. And may just inspire you to get out there - and get involved in preserving the gem we're entrusted with. 


Islamorada shops like Florida Keys Outfitters,  Hooked on Books and Backcountry Cowboy Outfitters stock it, so your purchase benefits local retailers AND the environment. Win-win!


Get involved! Become a member of Florida Bay Forever. Already are? Share this page with someone who has yet to join. And remember to get out there, and enjoy the Bay this holiday.