Election Results and What's Next


Votes are tallied.

The game is on and a huge challenge faces every Floridian to rally policymakers to do the right thing for the planet, the Everglades, and the Florida Bay.

In the face of climate deniers like Rubio this will require persistence, creativity, and determination. But, as we know, nothing good comes without hard work. And this will definitely require work.

Floridians must begin a drum beat to let their elected policymakers know exactly how to represent their constituents. For those of us who have the Florida Bay as our backyard - for ALL Americans - that means immediate Everglades ecosystem aid. 


Tell elected officials early and often what you expect of their performance. It's easy. Highlight and copy the following. Then read on and click to send each policymaker an e-mail. 

Congratulations on your victory. I look forward to, and thank you for your public service. Serving Florida means you must make Everglades restoration your top priority. It requires immediate action. The need and will is clear. It's ACTION that's missing. The Central Everglades Restoration Project and Central Everglades Planning Project have been in place for decades. More than 75% of Floridians voted in 2014 for the Florida Water and Land Conservation Initiative (Amendment 1). The Florida Senate and House this year passed Legacy Florida in order to prioritize the Central Everglades Restoration Project (CERP). I urge you to align with incoming Florida Senate President, Senator Joe Negron, and his initiative to buy 60,000 acres for a clean water reservoir south of Lake Okeechobee - a plan which has held scientific and political support for decades. Nothing short of complete support and action towards these and all Everglades restoration efforts will be acceptable. Thank you.


Below, each official's name is linked to their web page, with addresses and phone numbers. The buttons open a window to their e-mail: Just click, paste and send.

U.S. Senator:  Marco Rubio

Congressional Representative, Dist. 26:  Carlos Curbelo


State Senator:  Anitere Flores

State Representative, Dist. 120:  Holly Raschein

Governor Rick Scott