Grassroots 101!

Grassroots 101 looks like this!




Now this is what we are talking about when we talk grassroots. The Everglades Foundation took to the highway with a clear message that it's Now or Neverglades! The 11-day state-wide trek took them to college campuses, tailgate parties, sidewalk stops, and busy intersections to spread the word about buying land south of the Lake to store and send clean water south!

They are driving all over the state - educating, meeting people, talking the talk and walking the walk! Their mission is to get the word out the that Florida is in dire need of replumbing if we are going to restore the Everglades. Good science supports solid solutions to get this job done. 

It is political will that will make a change in policy and that won't happen unless citizens demand it.

The Tour

Nice Bus!

The brilliance of the Declaration and a Bus Tour is that it sends a message no one can ignore. The combination really is Grassroots 101! Shaking hands, kissing babies, and driving a bus is one solid step in getting this conversation on the table of everyone who is affected by the negligent politics that have been dictating Everglades Restoration for the past 50 years. 

Get on Board November 6, 2016

The trip culminates in Islamorada at World Wide Sportsman on November 6, 2016. Come on down and meet the crew, sign the Now or Neverglades Declaration, ask questions, and bring your neighbors! Let's make a statement!