Are you registered to vote?

"I Meant to But..."

Not registered yet? There's still a week left. All it takes is a quick click, print and mail. Ok, there's a little more to it than that, but not much. No excuses. Visit the Monroe County Supervisor of Elections website for details. Forward this to your favorite procrastinator, who still has "register to vote" on their to-do list.

Tuesday, October 11 is the last day to register, in order to vote in this November's general election.


Congratulations! Pat yourself on the back, and give thanks for living in a Democratic society.  


Which candidates are poised to work for your ideals? 

Florida Bay's health relies on successful Everglades restoration. To achieve that end, in this election the critical issue is to choose candidates who advocate for buying land south of Lake Okeechobee in the EAA, building a clean water reservoir, and sending that water south.
  • Take a look at the sample ballot for your location in Monroe County, FL.
  • Get familiar with your choices. And your questions. Start your homework.
  • Check out Florida Bay Forever's past posts to brush up on some of the various contenders.  


Keep an eye on your in-box for more on which candidates prioritize the Florida Bay and Everglades restoration.