Monroe County Politicians and the Now or Neverglades Declaration

'Tis the season for elected officials to make all kinds of promises in order to take a seat at the table! 

For many Floridians - WATER - will be the top priority when they go to the polls. They want to know which politicians are committed to shaping policy to alleviate the three estuaries currently being ruined by stagnant Everglades Restoration policy. 

The Now or Neverglades Declaration is one way to tell pretty darn quick who, unequivocally, supports a land buy in the EAA. 

Here's how our politicos stand on the Now or Neverglades Declaration.

Florida Bay Forever Supports Now or NeverGlades

As a first step in a much larger effort to shape policy, Florida Bay Forever urges every resident to sign on to this Declaration. And in the meantime, keep the conversation alive by communicating with neighbors, community leaders, kids, and policymakers about the need to move water south to the Florida Bay. 

See you at the polls!