For the Love of Florida Bay

Hey Florida, pull up a chair. It's story time, based on a true saga packed with drama, happening right where you live. It's a classic tale of desire and struggle: Man meets beauty; man seeks to conquer beauty; man threatens to forsake his love for his own selfish desires. And it's up to you how it ends.


A century ago, modern man was tempted by the exotic richness of the Everglades and Florida Bay. Intoxicated by greed, he moved in. He spent a hundred years giddily paving and replumbing south Florida's "river of grass." Profit trumped responsible planning. Farmland, highways and neighborhoods displaced the flow of nature, and She began to grow weary of their entanglement. 


Thirty years ago, the romance strained even more. The Everglades and Florida Bay suffered from man's abuse. So, Man got some counseling. Policy stepped in to reverse and stop further damage to the Everglades. Man promised not to be so disrespectful of nature's needs. But old habits die hard and the relationship began to crumble. 


Today, the Everglades is in jeopardy and the Bay is near breakdown. Stagnant Policy and Special Interests have taken their toll on this long lost love affair. 


(Psssst, that's you!) Man has created this crisis, and man can solve it. But no rescue ever came from a slacker on the couch. A hero takes risks. Speaks up. Takes action.

We need to grow Florida Bay Forever Membership to send a message to Tallahassee. 
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  • Florida relies on the Everglades for clean water and tourism economy;
  • Today, the Everglades is starved for clean fresh water;
  • Healthy flow can be restored. Several strategies will be needed; 
  • The IMMEDIATE PRIORITY is to acquire land south of Lake Okeechobee in the EAA, build a clean water reservoir, and send that water south as needed.

A unified public will ensure that politicians prioritize viable policy, not personal profit. Protect south Florida's greatest natural resource. Take action to ensure this relationship has a happy ending.

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