Florida Bay forever: Speaking out for the bay


Our Mission

Florida Bay Forever is a grassroots movement dedicated to educating Monroe County citizens about Florida Bay and Everglades National Park, and to call for immediate action on Everglades Restoration and water quality policies as they will most significantly affect change.



Florida Bay Forever communicates with members through special Call to Action emails when a specific need arises. The group asks its members to pick up the phone, send an email, or talk to a decision maker to ensure the conversation stays current and maintains momentum.

We work with residents and business owners in the Upper Keys to increase awareness of the issues that threaten this vital natural resource. 

We help citizens become more educated and engaged by providing fact-based information and tools for advocacy.


why act now?

Florida Bay is threatened.  Since 2014, more than 62 square miles of seagrass has died.  High salinity levels are threatening wildlife. The Bay is in desperate need of more clean, fresh water.  We need to speak out today to prevent future sea grass die offs, algae blooms and the decline of our Florida Bay. Don't wait a minute longer - act now to protect Florida Bay.