Members of the Board


steve friedman

Vice-President of the Board, Captain Steve Friedman is directly affected by the crisis in the Bay. As a busy and tournament-winning backcountry guide, he is an opinion leader in the guide community. Recently installed as the head of the Florida Keys Fishing Guides Association, Friedman will call his colleagues to the task of speaking up about the degradation of the resource that directly affects the guide community. Click here to learn more about Capt. Steve.

Xavier Figueredo

Captain Xavier Figueredo is a back-country guide and student of the environment. He has a talent for accurately and calmly informing decision makers without offending. His past life as a hospital administrator makes him well versed in professionalism and tolerance for the political process. Find him on most days fishing at Bay and Reef Company.

John Sutter

A former fishing guide, Sutter now holds the title of Village of Islamorada Recreation Director. His 15-year career with the village has allowed him to master the art of diplomacy. He has forged allies and will open doors county-wide. 

mark gregg

Mark Gregg brings a real estate law career to the Board, and creates connections to brokerage houses and realtors throughout Monroe County. His connections to home owners associations will open doors for citizen advocacy.

mindy conn

As a 20-year resident of the Lower Keys and recently elected school board member, Conn will pave the way for Lower Keys penetration as well as to homeowners associations.

Elizabeth Jolin

Captain Elizabeth  Jolin has made her living on the water, guiding as well as managing her own recreation company serving high-end resort clientele. She is an executive-level professional with experience managing a staff of 15 and an annual budget of $1.5 million. She is a high level critical thinker with deep connections in the community.