Florida Bay Forever consists of two components: Florida Bay Forever Save our Waters and Florida Bay Forever Inc.

The Save our Waters works to inform Monroe County on the issues facing Florida Bay and the legislative process that creates laws governing it. The program serves as a resource for the business community who are front-line witnesses to the economic and environmental impact of compromised resources. It also serves as a resource for the tourist population as an education resource and a guide to align with supporters of Florida Bay Forever.

The Save our Waters Campaign brings programming and curriculum to youth, civic groups, fishing groups, and other community organizations to focus not only on the environmental aspects of the Florida Bay and Everglades National park but also on the role that civic understanding plays in environmental restoration.

Florida Bay Forever Save our Waters is a registered 501c3. Charitable contributions fund educational programs, social media campaign, and ongoing political awareness campaigns.

Florida Bay Forever Inc. works to inspire and galvanize its members to lobby legislators who have influence in public policies that dictate Everglades Restoration. Florida Bay Forever holds the position that CERP and CEPP should be implemented promptly and effectively, prioritizing land purchase South of Lake Okeechobee and creation of a fresh water reservoir.

Florida Bay Forever Inc. is a registered 501c4.

Ultimately, the organization’s work will be complete when CERP and CEPP are fully funded, when the restoration recommendations in these plans are effectively implemented, when the restoration of the Everglades and Florida bay has been made a priority for local and state officials.

Board Members

Mindy Conn – Longtime resident of Sugarloaf, dedicated mother and candidate for Monroe County School Board. Committed to change. Contact Mindy.

Captain Steve Freidman – Backcountry fisherman, active member of Guides Association and dedicated father. Psyched to dig in to the politics of the Florida Bay – his office. Call him to talk fishing and politics!

Mangrove Mike Forster– Long-time Islamorada resident, politician, concerned citizen who flips a mean pancake. Catch him here if you can.

Captain Xavier Figueredo – Reluctant activist, realizing his fishing lifestyle is being threatened. Growing his hair long again to start the protest! Find him on a charter most days.

Captain Gary Nichols – The King of Commercial fishing in the middle Keys.

Captain Elizabeth JolinCaptain, Mom, organizer.